Denmark and its perks for International students/Nepalese Students

Denmark international Nepalese Students
Denmark International Nepalese Students

As the statistics have revealed, Denmark is one of the happiest places to live in the world for international students including Nepalese students. Students can be assured about a warm welcome from the Danes. Now, what is it that makes Denmark one of the best places for international students?

To begin with, it has mainly something to do with the high standard of living in this Nordic country where you will find economic and gender equality and a very well developed prosperous system. Denmark is a highly-developed nation, some of its intriguing facts are-

It has one of the highest GDP/capital in the world – 58,000 EUR/year.

It stands second place in Europe for air quality and environmental safety.

It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

work week is 37 hours and employees are allowed to take 5 weeks of holiday/year.

It has a low tuition fees.

Why international/Nepalese students must choose Denmark?

Consequently, how is this beneficial for the international students? Well! Moving to a new country can prove to be extremely stressful, it can affect an individual both physically as well as mentally. So, when you have a convenient environment it instinctively allows you to be more focused and efficient in oppose to the harm an exhausting environment would have caused. Its always an advantage for students to have a serene surrounding, it helps them put their best foot forward.

Furthermore,  Danish authorities view their students  as part of the natural resources of the country and a great option to invest in for a better future. Predictably , this approach extends to international students, who benefit from the same facilities, reductions and solutions. This is mainly because Denmark is a fairly expensive country and for its education model to perpetuate  its competitiveness, tuition fees were eliminated for most categories in favor of an inclusive and accessible higher education.

So, if you are in dilemma of choosing the right country for your abroad studies, look no further, Denmark is your destination. Nepalese students can apply for student visa and another exciting fact is that you can now apply together with your spouse for dependent visa.  With a decent score in IELTS and a competent education consultancy like StudentFolio you can now get your foreign degree competently. We are located in an easily accessible location at New Baneshwor, opposite of Eyeplex mall.