StudentFolio has been in the educational service business since 8 years now and can proudly claim that we have helped thousands of students achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

Similarly, we have had a successful run of IELTS and German language classes, achieving more than 90% visa application approval rate. A lot of students seem hesitant to join IELTS centers and those who do find it difficult to select the best among indefinite options. This is where StudentFolio can help you bridge the gap between wanting to study IELTS and finding the exact right place. Our educational consultancy provides the best of faculties who not only are well qualified but can impressively pass their knowledge to the students.

To elaborate, our style of giving English lesson is practical rather than theoretical, classes are taught in such a way that student can both learn English as well as score well in the IELTS exam. Most of the student prefer not to take the exam because of the fear of not being able to score well but still want to be able to study abroad, to those students, here is what our suggestion would be, its required for you to know how to communicate in English if you wish to study in any of the English speaking country and without this knowledge you not only will find difficulty finding jobs but to merely survive.

Consequently, StudentFolio is such place where you can be able to score good marks in IELTS making it easier for you to get your visa approved and also get jobs easily. We provide two trial classes, where we give the students a general idea as to how our approach to teaching will be. In these classes the students can evaluate the faculty, ask questions and decide for themselves if they would want to learn any further. We have a minimal fee structure and students who show good potential in the trial classes will also be given an attractive discount. In addition to this,  all the students are given individual attention, the weaker ones can also stay after hours and ask their queries.

You can find lots of IELTS coaching centers in Kathmandu, so why choose studentFolio? Well, its because here you can be certain not to score any less than what you expect. Our charges are reasonable and the materials we provide are handy and easily understandable. Hence, look no further and come join us and together we can build your dreams of studying in the best of universities in UK, Denmark, Netherlands and Australia.