Study in Germany

Germany has always proven to be the best platform for students, imparting free education. Yes! You get to study in one of the world’s best education system without paying tuition fees. What better could one ever imagine to have?

Amongst the many thousands of those who choose to study abroad, one in ten chooses Germany. Reason is that it has a lot to offer to all those students varying from a diploma to postgraduates. German universities having a good recognition worldwide, consolidate with many universities internationally. Thus provides increased opportunities for students to pursue their further studies. Universities have very feasible requisites that are easy to achieve. Not restricting education in terms of core academics, German universities extends pool of subjects’ choices ranging from; Medicine, Law, English, Business etc to interdisciplinary study programs. The choice literally is upon you, the one to study.

Excellence and innovation is just like a habit to German universities and its students. Therefore, Germany has enjoyed being the home for many breakthrough researches and discoveries. Providing traditional education is not the aim for Universities here, educating with research based training so as to prepare each individual towards foreseeing a lucrative career is the priority.

This sure is not the end to all the goodness; German universities hold the best record in bestowing placements to its graduates.

Among other requirements to applying for a German student visa as a foreigner, is to prove possessing a document as proof of the one’s sufficient financial means. Such requirement applies as a form to guarantee that an international student is able to support themselves financially during their studies in Germany. Students needs to open a block account (sperrkonto) and deposit €8800 in that account.

Team of StudentFolio provides you with all guidance to apply for admission in German universities and colleges as well as for visa application process from Nepal. If you guys have any confusion regarding education system and application process in studying in Germany then our expert counselor will guide you through all this.