Study In Hungary

Study in Hungary

Planning to study in Hungary?
Hungary is combined with the attractions of both Central and Eastern Europe. It is a great place for international students to study. It has world class universities which offers wide range of study programs. The capital city Budapest offers historic, architectural and cultural delights. The city is also famous for its exciting night life. The rest of the country offers everything from historic castles to hills covered with vineyard.
It has a rich diversity with low living costs and a strong focus on internationalization. This country is continuously growing as a popular study destination among international students.

Tuition fees in Hungary

Compared to the rest of Western Europe, Hungary presents a very affordable place for study regarding both tuition and living costs. Tuition fees vary depending on school and program. Often medicine and dentistry are among the more expensive options with tuition fees around  20,000€, and  for other programs as low as 4,500€. Beside tuition students are also required to pay an application fee, exam fee and registration fee, each between 100€ and 150€, for study programs.

Immigration & Visa in Hungary

Students from the European Union do not need visa to study in here. However they are expected to meet the following requirements:

• Should have studied for more than three months
• Have sufficient income or savings to support themselves
• Should be enrolled in an approved or accredited institution
• Must have comprehensive health insurance

Students from the EU will need to apply for a residence permit 15 prior of arriving.
Non-EU students are required to apply for a D-5 student visa through the Hungarian embassy or consulate in their home country. It is important to submit the visa applications at least 6 weeks before coming here. As processing is likely to take at least a month.

Accommodation in Hungary

Most of the universities in Hungary are providing residence for accommodation for international students. These accommodations include facilities like cafeterias, pools, laundry and study rooms. This is a great option for international students who want to settle in Hungary as a student. This will create a good environment for foreign students to meet other foreign students.
Living costs in Hungary are comparatively low. Students in Hungary should be able to get by with approximately 550€ per month, allowing enough for not only rent, but also for public transport, health insurance, study materials, and a few nights out on the town.
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